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Chevaps (Ćevapi)



Start with minced pork and beef. Add salt and black pepper (if you find it too spicy, keep salt as it is, just remove some pepper).

Add dried onion flakes (or finely-chopped yellow onion) and garlic powder (or fresh garlic smashed into a very smooth paste).

If meat has lot of fat you may add little bit of old bread in the mix (2-3 slices per kg). It will blend nicely with meat and kill a little bit of fatty taste. If you are using 80/20% meat, ignore this step.

Mix everything you added by hand for few minutes until it blends together.

Now you should form ćevapi using 2-3 cm sausage funnel or roll them in the hand. In either case, make them into 5-10 cm long ovals. My preferred size is 2.5×10 cm (or 1×4 inches, for SI challenged).

Either grill or bake in pan for 5-15 minutes total, turning often. It’s better to cook them slower than too fast.

Serve it in lightly-grilled flat bread with freshly-chipped onions and ajvar on side.


500 g Beef 1 lb
500 g Pork 1 lb
12 g Salt 2 tsp
8 g Black pepper 1½ tsp
25 g Dried onion flakes 3 tbsp (or 1 onion)
1.2 g Garlic powder ¼ tsp (or 4 cloves fresh garlic

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