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Spatchcock chicken (Beskičmeno pile)


Place chicken laying its spine side onto a wooden board. Place a big knife next to one side of its spine and hit the knife with the back of your hand a few times to make it go through bones. Do not, I repeat, do not, use knife as a hammer. Once lower bones are broken, go upward. Note that you won’t be able to use this technique under breast. There it might be easier to rock knife back an forth through the next hole. Once done with one side, you can access the other side of spine more easily. Alternative (and probably easier) approach is to use kitchen sheers if you have them. The end result will be the same - chicken with its spine detached. You can use that spine for soup or broth later.

Mix all the spices. Oil the chicken. Push spice mixture onto the chicken on both sides. Be careful around bones you cut as they will be sharp.

Cut peeled potatoes into smaller pieces (⅛ will do). Peeled carrots just split into two or three pieces depending on size. Peel onion and cut through half so you get a two ovals.

Place veggies into the roasting tray with chicken spread on top of it.

If you want to bake it without vegetables, place grill rack into a roasting pen and place chicken on it. Rack is not necessary if you place it on top of chicken.

Place into the oven at 350 °F (175 °C) for 2 hours.


5-6 lb Fresh chicken
1 lb Russet potato 3-4
2 Carrots
1 Yellow onion

Spice Rub

Suggested quantities are for 5 lb of meat and 1 lb of potatoes.

12 g Salt 2 g/lb
1.8 g Black pepper 0.3 g/lb
0.4 g Garlic powder 0.06 g/lb
6 g Sofrito spice bland 1 g/lb
Sunflower oil