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Pressure Cooker Beans (Grah iz pretis lonca)


Soak raw beans in the cold water for about 4 hours. Pour out the soaking water.

In the pressure cooker (6 qt) bowl add beans, whole onion, whole garlic cloves, roughly chopped carrot, smoked meat and/or sausage. Add water to max level. Add salt, black peppercorn, crushed peppers, and garlic powder.

Put the lid on and cook on “beans” settings for about 2 hours. If you cannot cook that long in one go, it’s ok to program cooker twice.


Raw cranberry beans 4 cups
1 Yellow onion
6 cloves Garlic
1 Carrot
Celery root
Smoked meat/sausage
Black peppercorn
Garlic powder
Crushed pepper flakes
Crushed chilly flakes