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Japanese wind (Japanski vjetar)



If using frozen whipped cream, get it out of freezer into the fridge about 6 hours before.


Preheat the oven to 175 °C (350 °F).

Mix egg whites on mixer and gradually add sugar until you reach stiff peaks. Add flour at the end with the baking powder. Bake for about 45 minutes. Leave to cool to the room temperature.


Mix egg yolks adding gradually first sugar and then flour. If you’re gonna use already sweetened whipping cream (e.g. CoolWhip), you should lower sugar a bit (e.g. to 150 g). Once completely mixed, cook in the milk until thickened. Leave to cool down to room temperature.

Mix whipping cream to stiff peaks. Once mixed split into two parts. One part leave as is. Use mixer to combine other part with finely ground hazelnuts.

Assuming egg yolk cream is completely cooled down, use mixer to combine with butter. If it’s too thick, combine with a bit of whipping cream.


Arrange in this order: biscuit - hazelnut cream - egg yolk cream - whipping cream. Decorate whipping cream into the wavy pattern using fork dipped in water.



8 Egg whites
100 g Sugar 8 tbsp
100 g Flour 8 tbsp
8 g Baking powder ½ pk


8 Egg yolks
200 g Sugar
40 g Flour 3 tbsp
2.5 dcl Milk
150 g Butter (or 250 g margarine)
100 g Crushed hazelnuts
500 ml Whipping cream 1000 ml (frozen)