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Layered potatoes (Slojeviti krumpir)


Peel the potatoes, wash them, and cut into thin slices. Into sliced potatoes add oil and mix so that each piece is lightly oiled. Evenly distribute salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, and garlic powder so each piece is coated with spices.

Peel onion and cut into thin slices (rings). Add oil to the bottom of the oven dish and spread onions evenly on the bottom. Over it spread 1 potato layer and sprinkle it with oregano. Then layer another, sprinkle oregano, and repeat until all potato slices are used.

Cover tightly with aluminium foil and place into the oven at 205 °C (400 °F) for 1½ hour. Remove aluminum foil, switch to broil and cook in the oven for additional ½ hour until top is browned a bit.


1 Yellow onion
1 kg Russet potatoes 3 lb (about 5)
50 ml Oil
15 g Salt 2 tsp
5 g Garlic powder ½ tsp
5 g Smoked paprika ½ tsp
1 g Black pepper ⅓ tsp