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Beef roast


Let beef sit outside for an hour or two to be at the room temperature.

Shalowly criss-cross fatty side of beef and place it into the roasting tray on top of potatoes and other vegetables. Do cut onions in half (so you have four half-spheres). Also cut carrots into bigger pieces. Lightly oil it all.

Mix all the spices taking care there is a sufficient quantity of salt. Generously push that mixture onto the beef with just a minimal coating on potatoes and veggies as beef drippings will season them while cooking. Beef should be resting on veggies, fatty side down.

Cover the roasting pan with aluminium foil. Make sure the foil is tightly crimped all the way around without any holes in the coverage. Place into the oven at 350 °F (175 °C) for 2 hours.

Once two hours are up, remove the foil and turn beef to be fat side up. Also remove any excess water that might have gathered from the veggetables. Once done you should have just a splash of moisture on the bottom and not more.

Turn oven up to broil for 10 minutes and then back to baking at 425 °F (220 °C) for another 30 minutes. Get the beef out of the oven onto cutting board to rest uncovered for 20 minutes while veggies continue to bake.

Once beef has rested, remove the veggies from the oven and serve together.


  • Medium: 150 °F (before rest); 160 °F (rested)
  • Medium-rare: 135 °F (before rest); 145 °F (rested)

This recipe give you beef aimed more to the medium side.



5-6 lb Beef roast
1 lb Potato
2 Carrots
½ Leek
2 Yellow onions
Sunflower oil

Spice Rub

Suggested quantities are for 5 lb of beef and 1 lb of potatoes.

35 g Salt 6 g/lb (1 tsp/lb)
10 g Black pepper 1.75 g/lb (½ tsp/lb)
9 g Garlic powder 1.5 g/lb (½ tsp/lb)
6 g Paprika 1 g/lb (¼ tsp/lb)
2 g Mustard powder 0.3 g/lb