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Lamb leg (Janjetina iz rerne)


Oil up the lamb, keeping the net on. Rub with salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne. Place sticks of rosemary, sage, and thyme into the netting on top of the meat. Marinate seasoned meat for 10-15 minutes before placing it in oven.

Bake 20 minutes per pound in the closed baking tray at 400 °F. Keep the side with hole toward the top.

Halfway through, remove the lamb from the oven. Add the potatoes on the bottom (split into two/three if big), slice the netting around the meat, and place meat back on the potatoes with a curved (non-hole) side on top.

When removed from the oven the inside temperature of the meat should be 145-150 °F for medium. Leave potatoes in the tray and cook for an additional 15-20 minutes.

Rest lamb for 10-15 minutes in foil. Temperature will raise after rest.


  • Medium: 150 °F (before rest); 160 °F (rested)
  • Medium-rare: 135 °F (before rest); 145 °F (rested)


4-6 lb Fresh lamb leg
2 lb Potatoes
½ pk Fresh rosemary
½ pk Fresh sage
½ pk Fresh thyme
Sunflower seed oil

Spice Rub

Suggested quantities are for 5 lb of meat and 2 lb of potatoes.

40 g Salt 6 g/lb (1 tsp/lb)
12 g Black pepper 2 g/lb (½ tsp/lb)
5 g Paprika 1 g/lb (¼ tsp/lb)
0.3 g Cayenne 0.05 g/lb