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Simple mexican rice


Rinse rise in bowl, changing water until its clear. Leave in colinder to dry.

Start frying finely diced onion with oil on medium-high heat (7/10) until it softens up a bit. Add rice and garlic. Fry until rice is light golden color, mixing constantly.

Once golden add water, sofrito, salt, and cumin. Mix thoroughly until it starts boiling. Reduce to medium-low heat (3/10) and cover with lit. Leave covered to cook for 20 minutes (22 minutes if on induction stove).

Once done, fluff it a bit and serve warm.


1 cup Long grain white rice
2 cups Water
3 tbsp Oil 40 g
½ Medium onion, diced
2 cloves Garlic, chopped
2 tbsp Mexican sofrito or 2 tsp granulated tomato bouillon
3 g Salt
0.5 g Cumin