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Chicken schnitzel (Pileće šnicle)


Dry off each chicken tenderloin with a towel and, using something flat, press it in to get even width (alternatively you can use kitchen mallet but that takes more time). Repeat until you’ve flatten all pieces.

Thoroughly mix flour, salt, and pepper in one bowl. Beat eggs into a second bowl. Prepare a third bowl with breadcrumbs (ideally panko or other larger breadcrumb).

One by one, coat each tenderloin with the flour mixture. It needs to be an even coat and without too much flour (tap the excess). Once coated, transfer to the second bowl with egg wash and just quickly coat both sides. Do not leave chicken in egg for more than a few seconds. Lastly, transfer to the last bowl with breading and make sure it’s fully coated, without any wet spots. Place on rack once done and repeat for each piece of chicken.

Add enough oil into the pan to cover the pieces. Heat to medium (4-5/10) and drop schnitzel in. Move it slightly to ensure it doesn’t stick. Flip every few minutes until golden brown (about 15 minutes or so).


1.5 kg Chicken tenderloins 3 lb

Dredge 1

100 g All-purpose flour ⅔ cup
10 g Salt 2 tsp
1 g Black pepper ⅓ tsp

Dredge 2

5 Eggs

Dredge 3

Breadcrumbs (panko for better crunch)